Electronic Parts

Electronics Parts Distribution 

As a representative distributor of 'electronic components', Mario-tronics contributes to the manufacture of key parts for automobiles and household appliances through supplying essential electronic parts to the 21st century automobile industry.


Product Design

We practice customer satisfaction partnership which puts customer a priority in the center of value for providing higher quality service for client business partner by R&D and sample material procurement.

Module Design

Electric circuit design ability which is accumulated for a long time has been recognized by customers, and we are developing satisfactory products based on electromagnetic compatibility-considered Filter analysis and PCB design ability.


Based on our production and R&D capabilities, we are pursuing a Total Solution Provider which supplies customer-customized materials.

Total ERP Systerm

F.Cast Management

Possessing differentiated sales plan performing capability through interconnected SCM and ERP.

Providing safe and reliable delivery service through an integrated inventory management system.

I/O management

Providing advanced logistics management service through real-time I/O system.

Quality supervision by tracking Lot/DC of material warehousing to delivering product.

Customer Relationship Management

Operating management system that oversees the whole process, from project plans to production (Online integrated service planned)

Partners moving forward for the future together with Mario-tronics

We have partner relationships with domestic automobile related service companies and seek for new business opportunity consistently.

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